Artificial Intelligence as a Service
AI-Driven Insights, AIOps & Predictive Analytics.

MadSight was designed to derive business value using artificial intelligence. A framework our data-analysts deploy to understand your data better. We do this using data analysis, artificial intelligence, and machine learning technology.


A Framework From The Future

Demand Forecasting
Predict customer demand using predictive analytics. Align inventory levels and resources to match sales. Eliminate inefficacies' in you supply chain with MadSight AI.
Lifetime Value
Identify and segment your most profitable customers, find their potential spending, and engage with them accordingly.
Improve conversion rates using conversion rate modeling. Find which prospects have the highest conversion probability.
Upsell & Cross-Sell
Predict what customers are more likely to be interested in upsell & cross-sell opportunities. Personalize your campaigns with the right message at the right time.
Reduce customer churn and improve retention by identifying factors that negatively influence customer behavior.
Customer Persona
Build accurate audiences based on your most profitable customers and use them to create retargeting, lookalike, and perfectly segmented audiences.

Data-Driven Innovation

Unmatched data-driven business innovation turning your data into predictive insights. Capture more revenue, deliver hyper-personalized communication, and discover new opportunities.

Leverage the Power of AI

State-of-the-art artificial intelligence technology capable of producing powerful machine learning models and accurate predictive analytics.


Easy Set-up

Boost Revenue Performance

Turn your site analytics, marketing funnel, CRM and store data into a marketing powerhouse with AI-driven predictions.


Lift in conversion rate

Using AI backed audiences.


Revenue increase

With newly discovered opportunities.

Gain a Competitive Edge

Utilize our marketing skills with MadSight AI for an unrivaled competitive edge and a truly data-driven marketing experience.
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Use Cases


Leverage machine-learning based targeting to build marketing campaigns that are more effective with advanced recommendation engines, churn prediction, pricing optimization, and product-specific discounts.


Connect your data sources to reveal opportunities for customer segmentation and identify user behaviors, churn prevention tactics, and enhance marketing attribution. Find the best routes to lower CPA, increase conversions, and enhance LTV.

Direct-to-Consumer (DTC)

Predict user behavior through pattern recognition, prevent the loss of valuable customers, find upsell opportunities when possible. Develop DTC guidelines with predictive analytics.

Supply Chain

Demand forecasting with MadSight AI allows you to take account (weather, seasonal spikes, holidays) and assemble accurate demand forecasting machine learning models. Avoid risks, disruptions, and cut costs with AI technology.

Your Growth Marketing Powerhouse

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